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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.               255

Portsmouth. He got off from Havre in a fishing-
boat with Lieutenant Wright and a little French-
man of the army of Cond6, who managed his
escape. The above is the whole account he gave
me in a short interview I had with him soon
after his arrival. But I have since learnt that
an order being given by the Directory to remove
them to another prison, a great mob had assembled
to see them. When they came into the middle
of it, friends properly placed caught hold of them,
pulled them into the thickest of the crowd, and
carried them off to a private house, where they lay
concealed till night; they were then conveyed by
cross roads and bye-ways to Rouen and Havre,
from the house of one Royalist to another.

As I have been suspecting for some time, by
the accounts I have received from Paris, that his
escape was preparing, I was not much surprised
at it; but I cannot yet take upon me to affirm
whether the Directory connived at it, or who
were the persons bribed ; for money must have
been distributed. Sir S. said they were obliged
to cut the Gordian knot. He received me with
great cordiality and many expressions of gratitude.
God knows what effect this will have abroad in
the treatment of other prisoners. M. says there
will now be no difficulty in ratifying my conven-